Thank you for your interest and investment in wanting to support your neighbors experiencing homelessness through our organization. Our different programs have different donation needs. Read on below to find out where your donations can be best utilized!

Outreach Kits

City Net deploys staff in direct service provision through street outreach and case management in partnership with local law enforcement to offer solutions to those that they may come in contact with.

Outreach kits are utilized by our street-outreach teams, case managers, and law enforcement partners. We distribute these along with one of our homeless outreach hotline business cards. The goal is that it serves as a relationship building tool and will initiate conversations about the homeless neighbors’ needs and potential solutions for them.

For example, if our case manager refers an individual to go to the DMV to apply for an identification card this outreach kit serves as a direct solution for the individual to get to their DMV appointment by way of a bus trip. Helping our clients get ‘document ready’ and make their appointments will ultimately get them one step closer to getting off the streets and into housing.

Here’s what goes inside each kit and the impact it serves:

One-Day Bus Pass ($5)Meets transportation need
A hopeful noteServes as a self-esteem/relationship building tool
Special item(s) like chapstick, tissues, hand wipes or band-aidsMeets a small physical/immediate hygiene need
City Net Outreach CardContact info for case management/follow-up
211 cardA 24/7 free phone-line for resource navigation
Small Ziploc BagWay to carry and distribute a kit

Estimated cost per kit: $8-10
One Day Bus Passes >>> Order in bulk online, at a grocery store, or shop at the OCTCA store in Santa Ana.
Sponsor a working client by purchasing a 30-day bus passes >>>  click here.

All assembled and ready for drop-off? Email for directions on where to bring your donation!

Courtyard Project

If you’d like to donate items like non-perishable food, cups, plates, utensils and blankets, then your donations will be best served at the Courtyard. You can learn more about our program at the Courtyard, or click below for details on donating to this program.
Donate Items to the Courtyard