We Need Meal Providers!

Can you prepare a hot meal for 300 of our homeless neighbors? Become a Meal Provider at the Courtyard! Meal Providers make a significant impact in the lives of our homeless neighbors. We rely on the continual support of these critical volunteers to provide all the meals for residents at the Courtyard in Santa Ana. 

    What do Meal Providers do?
    Meal Providers purchase all necessary supplies and ingredients, cook and prepare the food, transport and then serve enough food to feed the 300 residents of the Courtyard. Meal Providers bring their own supplies such as paper plates, serving utensils, napkins, etc. but tables are provided. They also clean up the serving area after they finish.

    How often are Meal Providers expected to supply meals?
    Meal Providers commit to supplying meals on a regular basis, ideally at least for one mealtime a week. For example, you and/or your group will serve lunch every week on Tuesday. If you can provide meals regularly but less often (e.g. twice or once a month), we’ll still be happy to work with you. We also have one-time meal opportunities occasionally available–contact us to find out more.

    What other requirements are there to be a Meal Provider?

    • Enough volunteers (18 years or older) during mealtime to serve food. Typically, that means 1 person per food item being served. For example, if you are serving rice, tortillas and chicken, you will need 3 volunteers to serve during mealtime.
    • A lead volunteer who is committed to ensuring safe food handling.

    How can I get started?
    We’re excited to partner with you! Fill out our Volunteer Meal Provider Application and you’ll be hearing from us soon.

    How can I stay up to date?
    Join our mailing list! You’ll learn about all the wonderful things our volunteers are doing, as well as needed donation items, open Meal Provider shifts, other volunteer opportunities and upcoming events.