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Program Supervisor (FT)

The Program Supervisor is responsible for oversight and supervision of case managers, quality of customer service, and data collection. Their role is to ensure the execution and completion of administrative tasks while assisting case managers with processing difficult cases in the field, encouraging unity within the team, and helping staff grow and develop according to organizationally established goals for their positions.

Courtyard Supportive Services Coordinator (FT)

The Supportive Services Coordinator at the Courtyard Transitional Center is responsible for supporting City Net’s External Relations Department with the management of an externally facing calendar of supportive services at the Courtyard. Click below to learn more and apply for the full-time position today!

Lead Collaborative Case Manager (FT)

Lead Collaborative Case Managers are professional and experienced case managers who have maintained a high standard of work performance. Lead CCMS support the objectives of the agency in real time in the field and report to the Program Supervisors. Click below to learn…