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Housing Navigator (FT)

The Housing Navigator is responsible for helping clients obtaining safe, sustainable permanent housing. S/he assesses clients’ housing-related needs, assets, and barriers, identifies the best housing options based on each client’s unique situation, and forms and maintains relationships with housing managers, landlords, etc. as necessary to ensure clients can successfully obtain permanent housing.

Courtyard Supportive Services Coordinator (FT)

The Supportive Services Coordinator at the Courtyard Transitional Center is responsible for supporting City Net’s External Relations Department with the management of an externally facing calendar of supportive services at the Courtyard. Click below to learn more and apply for the full-time position today!

Collaborative Case Manager (FT)

The Collaborative Case Manager conducts homeless outreach and provides ongoing care coordination through comprehensive assessment, planning and advocacy for housing placement and connection to supportive services. Click below to learn more and apply!

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